Fourth Meal
Momofuku Noodle Bar

Perhaps my anticipation and excitement of finally getting to go to Momofuku Noodle Bar and tasting the great David Chang’s ramen got the best of me here so I wasn’t as blown away as I’d expected to be but it is still a yummy bowl of soup.

The Momofuku Ramen was bit on the smokey side for my palate but still flavorful and tasty. I really enjoyed the warm pork bun - YUM!

I definitely plan to return to try the famed fried chicken!  



Artichoke Pizza

These slices are large  so you may want to share or be really hungry or drunk.

The artichoke pizza has awesome flavor and the right balance of cream sauce to cheese - think artichoke and spinach dip on pizza. Its size and sauce make it a heavier slice to digest but it is delicious all the same.

The margarita is good but the artichoke is the stand out here. You can probably find a better margarita slice somewhere else.

Good to note is that this location (East Village) is really small so be prepared to walk and eat!


Don’t walk - RUN to Rubirosa. Delicious! Everything is amazing! I’ve never been to Italy but I imagine this food to be pretty authentic. 

Maybe its due to their 50 year old family recipe but the pizza was incredible: crispy crust, lightly sauced, flavorful, perfectly foldable - all around an ideal piece of pizza. Not to be ignored is the pasta. The Spinach Campanelle was amazingly balanced between the sauce and mushrooms - perfection. 

Nam Pang

Tucked inside the Chelsea Market is the incredible Nam Pang Sandwich Shop.  The five spiced glazed pork belly sandwich is awesome - packed with flavor and beautifully cooked. Get lots of napkins because it gets messy!

Bassanova Ramen

Why is all New York ramen so smokey? Is LA just behind the times? Both Momofuku and Bassanova ramen had a ton smokey flavor - still delicious but really smokey. 

Anyway if you’re in Chinatown I say stop by Bossanova. The green curry ramen is something to be tasted. An interesting balance of curry, green chilies, and smoky pork. The broth was skillfully balance the noodles were what you’d expect from an award winning Ramen house. I would pass on the chashu don as there is really no need to get it plus I found it to be a little too slaty. 

Bassanova takes cash only and for $14 you can get a deluxe lunch special of a half bowl of green curry ramen and bowl of chashu don. 



Meet “The Dennis”. To get your own head over to Parisi Bakery.

Meet “The Dennis”. To get your own head over to Parisi Bakery.

Happy Friday from New York! 


Barrel-Aged Sriracha! 

Barrel-Aged Sriracha!